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 NBA cancels all games through November

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NBA cancels all games through November Empty
RašytiTemos pavadinimas: NBA cancels all games through November   NBA cancels all games through November Icon_minitimePen. 10 28, 2011 10:03 pm

After the breakdown, again, of NBA talks Friday to reach a new collective bargaining agreement, Commissioner David Stern announced the cancellation of games through November.

And, he said, in effect, the league and players have lost the shot at getting in a full season.
"It's not practical, possible or prudent to have a full season now," said Stern, who projected several hundred millions of dollars in losses without games in November, on top of the $200 million lost without the preseason.
He said the NBA's "next offer will reflect extraordinary losses that are starting to pile up now, and you can assume that our offer will change to reflect the changed economic circumstances."
Stern also added, "The amount of dollars lost to the owners is discount jerseys extraordinary, and the amount of dollars lost to the players under individual contracts is also extraordinary. There will be two severe sets of losses. But that's what happens in a labor dispute where there's a shutdown."
It would have been difficult to play games in November anyway, considering it takes about 30 days from an agreement until the first game. But the loss of an 82-game season is damaging to owners, team employees, players, TV partners, corporate partners and those who make a living on NBA games, such as arena workers and businesses near arenas.
ESPN, which was scheduled to televise 13 games in November, said in a statement: "We're disappointed the start of the season has been further delayed. We remain hopeful this will get resolved soon."
Talks disintegrated when NBA executives and locked-out players nfl jerseys cheap failed to make progress on the split of basketball-related income (BRI). They also stalled on negotiating the salary cap/luxury tax system and other system issues, which distributes money to players.
Whatever progress that was made earlier in the week was lost when the sides tried to get down to business on BRI.
Union executive director Billy Hunter said Stern "snookered" him into believing the league was "prepared to negotiate over everything," which was what Stern said Thursday. Instead, Hunter said, the league came back Friday with the same 50-50 split on BRI.
Hunter said his staff believed the league was ready to jerseys wholesale move off a 50-50 split to a number that favored players.
"We trusted you one more time and one more time. It's sort of like the serpent and the frog. You've bitten us," Hunter said. "We're not prepared to move. They got to the place where again it was 50-50 take it or leave it. That's what it came down to at the end. … Today we're leaving it like we left it last week.
"We made it clear we couldn't sell a 50-50 to our membership."
Stern, asked why the sides didn't keep talking, said, "Billy left the room."
"Billy Hunter said that he was not willing to go a penny below 52," Stern said, "(and) that he had been getting many calls from agents, and he closed up his book and walked out of the room. And that's where we are."
Asked if there is a scenario in which players accepted 50-50, Hunter said, "Not right now."
Union president and Los Angeles Lakers guard naty Derek Fisher is heading back to Los Angeles, which likely means no meetings are imminent.
Owners fixed on a 50-50 split and the union hovered at 52.5%, a difference of about $100 million a season, or $1 billion in a 10-year deal. Players received 57% of BRI last season. Two-and-half percentage points doesn't seem like a huge difference, but it adds up to a considerable amount of money.
Hunter said the league even backed off the even split and hinted it was offering players 47%, which Stern said was "an utter misrepresentation."
Compared to the last CBA, if players went from 57% steelers jerseys cheap to 50% in BRI, they would be giving up $280 million in the first year of a new CBA. Players believe their offer of 52.5% (about $180 million in concessions in the first year of a new CBA) addresses the owners' financial losses of nearly $350 million in 2009-10 and $300 million last season.
Stern said a 52.5%-47.5% split in favor of players does not achieve profitability but a 50-50 split gets them closer along with "enormous expense cuts in other areas by the league," Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver said.
In a possible sign that not all owners are on the same page, Miami Heat owner Micky Arison had this interesting exchange on Twitter late Friday:
@GreedyNBAstards: "@MickyArison and guess what? Fans provide all the money you're fighting over."
@MickyArison: "Honestly u r barking at the wrong owner."
Arison's tweet was later deleted.
On the system issues, the salary cap/luxury tax system and cheap nfl jerseys exceptions to the salary cap continue to be stumbling blocks. The NBA has suggested a punitive tax system for tax-paying clubs, more punitive than the dollar tax clubs pay for each dollar exceeding the tax threshold.
The union believed it was too restrictive, acting, in essence, as a hard cap with no club willing to pay that tax, especially if some clubs are contributing more to the league's new revenue-sharing system.
"We've told them we don't want a hard cap," Hunter said. "We don't want a hard cap in any way. Either an obvious cap or a hard cap that may not appear as obvious to most people but we know it works like a hard cap."
Putting tougher restrictions on taxpayers is part of the league's effort to reduce the discrepancy between the high-spending and low-spending clubs. The league also does not want tax-paying clubs to use exceptions to sign free agents, Fisher said. The union does, arguing free agents should not be limited in their options.
"We don't want to take tax-paying teams completely out of the market for other teams' free agents," Fisher said. "We want our midlevel players to be able to have the opportunity to sign wherever they would like to play."
Stern, however, countered and said the league was negotiating a midlevel exception and sign-and-trade agreement for taxpayers.
"We never got to discuss it because of the BRI discussion," Stern said.
Hunter revealed staff members from the sides met Monday but the meeting "did not go well at well."
But the parties were cajoled into meeting Wednesday, which began three consecutive days of bargaining, leading to guarded optimism, which vanished louder than it appeared.
"The fact is this deal, both the system and BRI, has to be one our players for the next 10 years can operate under," Fisher said. "So we didn't want to rush through this today just to build this artificial pressure to close out a deal today that's going to impact our members for the next 10 years."
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NBA cancels all games through November
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